Benefits of Membership

Participating in America Competes will give you the resources and intelligence you need to effectively engage in nondiscrimination efforts, both publicly and behind the scenes. This includes opportunities to:

  • Engage your employees with advocacy trainings and access to leading experts at FFAA and our network of state and national LGBT leaders.
  • Demonstrate your corporate social responsibility by taking well-informed, strategic stands on LGBT equality supported by information, suggested message points and training from our legislative and programmatic staff.
  • Recruit and retain a talented and mobile workforce by showcasing your commitment to LGBT nondiscrimination through public policy and education nationwide.

Specific partnership benefits of America Competes include:

  • Communications regarding state coalitions and legislative updates
  • Access to issue and policy experts, key state and national assets
  • Access to a national network of like-minded corporations and businesses that are industry leaders in the LGBT equality movement.

Business Toolkit for Equality:

Members will also be able to access the America Competes Business Toolkit for Equality (forthcoming), a password-protected and members-only clearinghouse that will include:

  • Timely and ongoing updates on legislation affecting LGBT Americans at local, state and the federal levels
  • Talking points on trending topics and current issues
  • Messaging trainings on impactful communications and engagement
  • Access to recent polling and economic impact data
  • Access to education on a myriad of topics
  • Guidance on when and where to engage to maximize efforts to effectively advocate for LGBT nondiscrimination.

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