Businesses Are United Against Discrimination
Businesses large and small across the United States are standing together to support LGBT-inclusive non-discrimination protections for all Americans.
LGBT Equality is Good for Business
72 percent of Americans are more likely to purchase goods and services from companies who oppose anti-LGBT laws.
Support is Central to a Strong Workforce
70 percent of Americans are more likely to work for corporations and businesses who support full LGBT equality.
32 States Lack Full Protection
from discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.
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Our Business Partners
Businesses participating in America Competes envision a future in which all Americans are treated fairly and equally under the law. These participating businesses believe that when state and federal laws protect people from discrimination, businesses and the communities they call home all win:
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Our Organizational Partners
We're grateful for our partner organizations across the business and LGBT community. Thank you to these great partners:
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Our Guiding Principles
As employers who have worked hard to create safe, inclusive and supportive environments for our employees and the communities we serve, we embrace the following core values, and seek to ensure that the states and cities in which we operate reflect these beliefs.
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